Tuesday, March 30, 2010


As a born-again "little monster" (going from loving her music, despising her fame, and then praising her genius in controversy), I would like to dedicate the first "Tea Chic" moment to the queen of "anything goes": GAGA. From walking down the street to relaxing at the Grammy's, Gaga always finds time for a hot cup of tea!

Lady Gaga has been captured by the paparazzi in some outrageous frocks, creating a sort of "normalcy" in her everyday attire. Although this futurama POP-wear signifies her self-made "monster", I find her most appealing quality is rooted in the level of class she exudes in each public appearance. Her natural poise on the red carpet, her articulate speech in interviews and her down-to-earth persona only enhance the media's misunderstanding of the attention grabbing, teeth biting, blood shedding hippy.

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