Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Lady Gaga channels iconic looks in Show Studio interview

Fashion website 'Show Studio' featured Fashion Director and staged journalist Alexander Fury interviewing the futuristic and culturally evolving fashionista/performance artist, Lady Gaga. What I found most intriguing was the production and setting of the two hour questionnaire. A black back drop, two rolling chairs and side table (for the musician's intricately designed tea cup and saucer) created a chic, intimate feel, as if you were sitting alongside your friend in a studio engaging in conversation full of thought, interests and laughter while also thinking to yourself "wow, I'm in a studio with HD equipment and an audience of online viewers listening to me talk." It sounds like a dream, if you ask me.

There were no other colors removing the viewer from the content of the interview considering the artist herself was sporting a black metallic bra with a velvet cropped suit coat fitted to her petite frame. Red lips and nails polished off the overall glamour of the set. Not only did it add color, but it also directed most of my attention to her mouth: physically prominent and full, the controller of all verbal communication for a strong figure in music, art, and philosophy.

Furthermore, though famous for her corky wig choices, Gaga seemed to be reliving moments of the past over any other of her looks seen before. Displaying a very retro short blonde do, I felt as though I was watching an adaptation of Madonna's 1980's "Truth or Dare" documentary or clips from Edie Sedgwick's "Poor Little Rich Girl."

It all seemed channeled from another era, consciously emphasizing the timelessness of these fashions while synthesizing her own attitude into a combination of stylish appeals. But instead of addressing the overall aesthetic as "unoriginal" or "already done", we should consider how our individual fashion sense relates to past decades. If we can be inspired, why can't she?

Plus, I wouldn't mind wearing a black bra and jacket out in public. We must embrace the cycle of fashion and continue to be inspired by those who aren't afraid to re-make statements into their own.

Watch interview here:

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